Thursday, March 10, 2022

Is MGTOW Really For Losers?

One thing that was pretty striking to me was while I was reading one of author Alan Roger Currie's books titled 'The Beta Male Revolution',  he put all men into four categories. Total alpha male types, Alpha males with a few Beta-male traits, Beta-males with a few Alpha male traits, and total Beta Male types. He basically stated that men that fall into two categories which was Beta males with a few Alpha male traits (Beta Male Provider types)and total Beta Males (Incels and Captain Save-A-Ho types) were men seeking out the manosphere subculture to become more  'Alpha' (masculine). I also remember when he went hard-core on one of his podcast emphasizing on where men in the MGTOW community stood with modern women. This episode was titled  'Women Are WINNING Face-The Facts'. It was published in 2017, he took it down by now. Everyone at least in the negromanosphere know that ARC can go on extreme HARSH rants. Alan was basically irritated at how his naysayers insist on challenging the premise of his work and how some men in the MGTOW community constantly complained about the modern dating landscape and how heterosexual monogamous relationships were in a disparity. Author Alan Roger Currie disparaged and criticized the MGTOW community calling them  'total Beta males' due to their attitudes and beliefs about modern women.  I felt like he was too harsh on them. Some dating coaches feel threatened by MGTOW due their influence on younger men.  ARC is against the Black Pill aspect of  MGTOW as its core philosophy promotes nihilism. Black Pill men don't believe that there is hope unless they've won the genetic lottery. This leads to an interesting question, is MGTOW really for losers? Are MGTOWs really angry at modern women and society? I like to say that there are many variations of MGTOWs.  ALL MGTOWs aren't involuntary celibates and ALL MGTOWs haven't resigned from the game called 'life'. There are some content creators out there that intend to malign the MGTOW community without doing a further investigation on their part. There are men in the MGTOW community that are competitive and can maintain their burden of performance. The Red Pill community and MGTOW tend to crossover due to their belief systems.  However MGTOW conclusion is to withdraw from cohabitating with women. That's the common thing amongst all MGTOWs. The Black Pill aspect of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) in my opinion is not healthy for men. MGTOW have always been seductive to men who'd struggled with their burden of performance.  That's one of the reasons I have  gotten consumed by it. Throughout most of my  life I've struggled with competitiveness. When  I took the Red Pill that's when my life started to change in a different  direction. People outside of the manosphere tend to see it as a coping cult. Basically a place where men can  freely express themselves and be whatever they want without  being held accountable. Men have ALWAYS been accountable in most regards. Women tend to blame their personal issues on men, then society blames men for over masculinizing other men and not going to therapy for repressed emotional hurts and anger.   What everyone has to understand is that men and women are different.  This is not say that we don't have any commonalities but for most part we're unique in our own ways.  Men aren't born men.  They have to evolve into one. 

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